Basement Flooring Madison WI

basement renovation madison wi

Our Company

As the leading basement remodeler in Madison WI, we offer all of our customers a free on-site consultation to help them determine what product will best suit their needs. We take pride in providing quality basement flooring at competitive prices with no hidden fees! We have been installing basement flooring across the county for years and can’t wait to show you how great your finished project could look like. Contact us today for more information!

Flooring Considerations

  • Think through your need for:
    • Durability 
    • Moisture resistance
    • Comfort
  • What are you planning to use the space for? 
  • How much moisture is in the area? 

Flooring is an excellent way of making the space more inviting to it’s users. Your flooring choice should be tailored to the purpose of the space. If you are creating a kid’s play area, you’ll want soft flooring that is comfortable to sit and lay on. If it’s a bar area, you may want something easy to clean up in the event of a spill. If you have high humidity or leaks, you want to avoid materials that will warp or become moldy. For a home theater, you want something that will not impact the sound. 

Make a list of goals and concerns, our pros at Basement Remodel Madison WI will work with these in mind to help determine the best flooring options for the space.